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Portable Stage Technical Information


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Portable Stage Technical Information

Quik Stage offers a unique and affordable portable staging system that was specifically designed for the church, school, government, DJ, rental, and institutional market, but can also be used in any other application that utilizes portable stages. Manufactured in our Blaine, MN factory, its lightweight construction makes it easy to handle and set up, yet it still delivers the ultimate in performance. Our unique design allows us to use less aluminum in the frame, eliminating excess weight and cost without compromising strength, quality, appearance, and ease of set up. Additionally, we offer accessories including stairs, skirting, storage carts, and guardrails that were designed to attach with ease.

Here are some really good reasons why you will want to consider Quik Stage Portable Staging and Accessories before you purchase your new stage. Please also refer to the drop-down menu under Portable Staging for detailed information on all of our portable staging and related accessories.

So Many Choices: The Quik Stage business model is designed for low-cost factory direct pricing, high quality products, and quick shipping. Our goal is to always have 4 x 8 stage decks in stock for quick shipping, plus all the components to make any other available sizes quickly. With so many stock sizes to choose from, we can easily make almost any size stage to fit most applications without any additional or custom add-on charges. Let us show you how our affordable Quik Stage portable stages truly offer you the best value; plus, they're American made.

So Easy to Use: Our unique design means anyone with no staging knowledge can set it up in minutes with virtually no instructions. It really is that easy. You simply insert the legs in the leg sockets, turn a thumb screw, and set it up on its feet. You then connect each section with the built-in coffin locks using a T-Handle that we supply, and you're done. That’s it! No pins, clips, or loose parts to lose or try to figure out. No one makes an easier design for you to use than Quik Stage.

Less Weight: Quik Stage 4 x 8 portable stage decks only weigh approximately 107 pounds each. Most of our competitor's stage decks weigh 20 to 60 pounds more, so why would you want to handle or haul all that extra weight every time you set up your stage. Our stage decks are lighter, stronger, and easier to handle when compared to most other models offered. If you’re looking for smaller models like a 3 x 4 or 4 x 4, we also have many other sizes available.

Construction: All Quik Stage portable stage decks feature an all aluminum frame and your choice of 4 different deck surfaces. All the stage frame components are machined on CNC machines, meaning every part is exact for a perfect fit. We use total bolt-thru construction with no welds, so in the unlikely event you ever damage any part of your stage deck, you can replace any component in minutes. Buying a portable stage should be viewed as a long term investment, so why not buy a stage you can repair at a minimal cost rather than replace it.

Legs: You can use any of our available height legs on any of our stage decks, so you just choose the height or heights you need when you order. If you need multiple heights, just buy extra legs or our adjustable legs that adjust to multiple heights. Additionally, all our legs come standard with adjustable feet for 2" of fine leveling. Compare our easy-to-use legs against those imported accordion-style leg stages that easily break, and you will quickly see why our less complicated design is so far superior and will last you for years with no break downs. Plus they're less expensive.

Skirting: All Quik Stage decks come standard with a ¾" strip of hook fastener, (often referred to as Velcro™) indented into the frame of the deck, so you can easily attach skirting. Because it is indented, you can store the decks on their side without damaging the hook fasteners. There is no need for clips, pins, or tape with our staging. Available in 34 colors, all our stage skirting is 100% polyester, machine washable, and tumble dry in 120 degrees or less for easy maintenance and no ironing. We stock black stage skirting for quick shipping. Please go to Stage Skirting in the drop-down menu under portable staging for detailed information.

Accessories: Accessories like stair units, guardrails, and chair stops were designed to attach with ease. Our heavy duty storage carts come standard with 6 x 2 swivel casters and make stage deck storage simple and compact. Please go to Stair Units and Storage Carts in the drop-down menu under Portable Staging for detailed information.

Quick Shipping: With today's demand for quick shipping and short deadlines, Quik Stage tries to stock a large quantity of 4 x 8 stage decks and accessories, ready for immediate shipping. We offer same or next day shipping on all of our standard staging products if available. Same day shipping of available staging products must be ordered by 11:00 AM CST.

Customer Service: Why not buy your new stage from a staging professional instead of some online order taker who has no staging knowledge. Quik Stage's friendly staff has years of experience manufacturing and selling portable staging and can answer any questions you may have. We make our staging in the same building we sell it from, so we have instant access to any information you need.

Price: Finally and most importantly, the price. Quik Stage portable stage decks and accessories were designed to be affordable and are priced very competitively. Buy factory direct and save. If you're finding a lower price stage, you should ask them why, because lower prices usually mean lower quality when compared to what we offer. Buying a portable stage is a large investment, so you should try and get as much information as possible before you make your buying decision. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Now that you've had the opportunity to see a few highlights of what we offer, we hope you will go to Portable Staging in the drop-down menu to view extensive and detailed information, or call today to speak to a Quik Stage Staging professional directly toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or email

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