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Retractable Belt Stanchion Sign Frames

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Retractable Belt Stanchion Safety Barrier Sign Frames and Inserts

Retractable belt stanchion sign frames are designed to quickly install on the top our black or chrome Stanchions Express by Quik Stage retractable belt stanchion crowd control safety barriers. Available in black or chrome, in 2 sizes, 8½ x 11 or 10 x 13. The steel sign frames have a 2 9/16" diameter round adapter with 4 slots that allow you to slide it right over the top of the stanchion and the 4 plastic belt attachment clips. No tools required and it just sits in place on top the stanchion. Our sign frames are designed to fit our stanchions but will also fit many other brands that have the same 2½" diameter stanchion uprights. Please contact us if you have questions on compatibility with other brands.

All sign frames come with 2 pieces of clear Plexiglas and a thin plywood insert and they slide into the top of the sign frame. You are purchasing the sign frames only and you will provide the actual sign with your message. Many customers choose to print their own paper signs on a computer or have a vinyl graphics sign made.

Our Retractable crowd control stanchions or safety barrier sign frames are most commonly uses in churches, banks, malls, restaurants, offices, sporting facilities, and others, but now even more popular because of Covid 19 and social distancing.

Buy Direct and Save. Please see additional details below or click the link above to shop online or get detailed information on each available product plus see more photos of each item. You can also contact us directly with questions or to purchase at 1-877-783-7373 or email

Standard Features Include:

  • The small frame dimensions are 10" x 13" OD or outside dimension with a 1" wide frame. The ID or inside sign dimensions are 8" x 11". The inside sign dimension is what is visible for your personal sign message.
  • The large frame dimensions are 12½" x 15" OD or outside dimension with a 1" wide frame. The ID or inside sign dimensions are 10½" x 13". The inside sign dimension is what is visible for your personal sign message.
  • Both models are available in Chrome or Black powder coat finish. Most customers choose to purchase the same finish as the actual stanchion but other choose to mix and match finishes for a different look.
  • Each sign comes with 2 pieces of clear Plexiglas that will have a paper or plastic film protect barrier on them to prevent scratching during shipping. You will need to remove the protective covering prior to use.
  • Your sign installs easily from the top of the frame. Installs quickly by just sliding the included mounting bracket over the top of the retractable barrier. Mounting bracket is slotted so it will not interfere with the belt of belt clips.
  • Ships FedEx Ground. If you are also ordering stanchions, they will be shipped with your retractable stanchions in their own box.
  • All Stanchion Express Crowd Control items by Quik Stage are a quality product and come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We want you to compare what we offer against other online retailers who only sell price and do not offer the same size, added features or quality stanchions we offer. If theirs costs less, you need to ask them why if you're comparing stanchions.

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