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Quik Stage Portable Stage


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Quik Stage Portable Stage

Quik Stage offers a unique and affordable portable staging system that was specifically designed for the church, school, government, DJ, rental, institutional or any other market or application that utilizes portable stages. Manufactured in our Blaine, MN factory, you are buying factory direct with no dealer markups plus we usually have units in-stock, ready to ship. Buy factory direct and SAVE!

Make sure that you scroll this page all the way down for detailed pictures and information on our staging and stage accessories. Use the handy guides below to see all our stock stage deck sizes available plus to see how many stage decks you need for the size stage you're looking for.

Our 4' x 8' Polyvinyl Stages only weigh 107 pounds; the lightest in the industry in its class; and yet, still rates at 175 PSF allowable live load. Very strong but still light enough to carry. Take a look and see why Quik Stage portable stage decks are your best value in so many ways.


HOW ARE THEY MADE?: Quik Stage portable stage decks are constructed from an all-aluminum extruded frame that has been machined to exact specifications on computerized CNC machines so every piece is exact. Each 4 x 8 stage comes standard with 6 coffin locks built into the frame for quick connecting of multiple stages to one another and uses no pins or loose parts for connecting. 4 x 4 or smaller stage decks have 4 coffin locks. Stage frame extrusions are bolted together using no welds, so they are easily repairable if ever damaged. Because our stages can use any height leg, legs are sold separately for your desired height and each 4 x 8 stage uses a set of 6 legs. Smaller stages such as 4 x 4 and smaller use only 4 legs. We even indented a ¾" strip of hook Velcro into the frame so that you can attach stage skirting with ease and no skirting clips are required. Quik Stage Portable Stages are strong, easy to set-up, lightweight to carry, have a professional appearance and best of all, are factory direct affordable. And we can ship quick!

SIZES AVAILABLE: To keep our prices as low as possible, Quik Stage offers the following most popular sizes in any of our deck surfaces. We do not offer custom size stage decks other than what's listed, but odds are that what we do offer will fit your needs. We do however, recommend that you try and use as many 8 ft. long stages as possible for your best value if your application calls for multiple stages. You can easily connect a 4 x 8 with a 4 x 4 or a 4 x 6 if all 4 x 8's will not fit your application. Call or e-mail Quik Stage if you need assistance figuring out your exact needs. We offer the following standard size stage decks (we do not offer any other sizes or custom sizes) plus a 4' x 4' Angle and a 4' x 4' Curved deck.

Different Size Standard Individual Stages we Offer:

Portable Stage Standard Sizes


6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch, and 48 inch. All standard legs have 2" adjustable feet for fine leveling.

We can also custom cut any height for an additional fee. All standard fixed height stage legs are made from 1 ¼" schedule 40 aluminum tube with a 1 ¼" ID, inside dimension and 1.667 OD, outside dimension.


12 inch to 18 inch adjustable, 16 inch to 24 inch adjustable, 24 inch to 36 inch adjustable and 36 inch to 48 inch adjustable. All adjustable legs also have adjustable screw feet for fine leveling

AVAILABLE STAGE DECK SURFACES: [Your choice of 6 different stage deck surfaces. See close-up photo's below.]

  • Black Quad Ripple Non Skid Polyvinyl: Our most popular. The black quad ripple surface give you some non skid protection plus hides a lot of the scratches from use over time.
  • Grey Quad Ripple Non Skid Polyvinyl: Same as the black surface above but grey. Perfect for applications where standard black just does not work. This is a new color for us and gaining popularity.
  • Carbon Color Carpet: Grey/Black carpet color combination called Carbon. Good quality carpet that is durable, works well with lighting and does not show dirt easily.
  • Weather Resistant: Same exact surface as the quad ripple except the bottom of the stage panel has a layer of smooth polyvinyl on it so it doubles sided polyvinyl. We then seal the plywood edges with a primer sealer and a liquid rubber for added protection against the elements and along with the aluminum frame, it makes it weather resistant, not waterproof, but it holds up well.
  • Plexiglas: Available in 4 x 4 and smaller sizes only. We do not offer this in larger sizes as it is just too heavy. Perfect surface for use with up-lighting for added effects.
Unfinished Plywood Unfinished Plywood ¾" Deck Surface. We use Red Oak veneer, unfinished plywood, so you will have a very nice surface that can be stained or painted by you. Same price as the Polyvinyl, so no cost savings. We will paint or stain these for you for an additional fee, but would prefer not to.
Polyvinyl Quad Ripple Polyvinyl Quad Ripple ¾" Deck Surface. Our most popular surface and best value. Non-skid surface hides scratches very well. Still smooth enough to dance on, yet the Quad Ripple bumps give you some non-skid protection for added safety.
Grey Quad Ripple Non-Skid Polyvinyl Grey Quad Ripple Non-Skid Polyvinyl. Same exact product as the black surface above but grey. Perfect for applications where standard black just does not work. This is a new color for us and gaining popularity.
Carbon Carpet Carbon Carpet. This is a Grey/Black combination and is our most popular. Really hides any dirt or lint well. Just an overall good neutral color for lighting or matching your furnishings. Goes with just about everything.
Weather Resistant Stage Weather Resistant Stage. This surface will have the same Quad Ripple, polyvinyl deck surface as our standard polyvinyl decks, but also has a smooth polyvinyl backer on the back side. We then seal the plywood edges with a special 2-coat process using a rubber based product before we drop it in the frame.
Clear Top Plexiglas Stage Clear Top Plexiglas Stage. We now offer a clear top, Plexiglas deck surface in several sizes up to and a 4 x 4 being the largest. We do not offer Plexiglas in a 4 x 8. Although Plexiglas looks really cool, it is more expensive than our other deck surfaces and should only be considered if you have an application for it. This surface will not be as durable over time, as Plexiglas can scratch.

STAGE ACCESSORIES: To compliment any stage, you need stage accessories, We stock stairs, legs, adjustable legs, stage skirting, storage carts, guardrails, chairs stops and more. Our stages will also work perfectly for portable stages, drum risers, rolling risers, speaker platforms, DJ’s, seating risers and much more.

WARRANTY: All Quik Stage Portable Stages and accessories have a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with the exception of the weather resistant stage surface which is 1 year. The weather resistant stage frame still has a 3 year warranty.

AVAILABILITY: Quik Stage usually stocks a large inventory of 4 x 8 stage decks and accessories including stage skirting ready for immediate shipping. 4 x 8 decks are the most popular size, but any of our other size decks we offer can be made quickly as we stock all the components.

Please check out the detailed pictures below of the Quik Stage Portable Stages and their components. Each picture has a brief description explaining what it is. Additionally, you can also click on each picture for a close-up view. Be sure to call or e-mail us with any questions or for a stage quote as we are here to help.


Need more information? Just call 1-877-783-7373 or email and one of our friendly staging professionals will assist you. Why not talk to a true staging professional who has years of experience manufacturing and selling portable staging instead of some order-taker sitting in a cubical in some sales office who has no working knowledge about staging. We welcome your questions and hope you will give us the opportunity to assist you. Buy factory direct and save!

Use the handy graph below to help you figure out exactly how many 4 x 8 stages you will need to build the size stage that you are considering. Just combine the length column on the left with the width column on the top to determine the exact number of stages you will need for the size stage that you want to build.

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Stage Configuration

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