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Church Stage by Quik Stage


Church Stage
ARC Approved/Preferred Portable Stage Supplier to ARC Churches
ARC Approved/Preferred
Portable Stage Supplier
to ARC Churches
Approved Stadia Sponsor
Approved Stadia Sponsor


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Church Stage by Quik Stage

"So who or what is Church Stage?", you're probably asking. Let us explain.

Churches across the United States and Canada, as well as other international locations, have been coming to Quik Stage for years when searching for Portable Staging, Drum Risers, Camera Platforms, Trussing, Pipe and Drape, Skirting and Linens, Crowd Control Stanchions, and other quality products. What they have found was a company who can provide exceptional customer service, quality products, and factory direct pricing on many items and quick shipping. The most difficult thing for us is how do we get the attention of potential church buyers to actually look and consider our portable staging which is absolutely perfect for churches. This is why we created the name "Church Stage"; to let church buyers know that there is already a portable stage product available in the market place that will "perfectly" fit their needs. It is the exact same stage we manufacture every day under the “Quik Stage” brand and have been selling to churches everywhere and maybe even to you for many years. Now that we have your attention, will you take a moment to take a closer look at our portable staging products and let us prepare a detailed quote for you?

Although Quik Stage provides products to many markets, the church market has always been a large and important part of our business and growth. In today's ever-changing world, more churches are going high-tech or portable, and the products we manufacture or distribute are a perfect fit for all churches. In fact, our Quik Stage portable stage was designed specifically for portable churches, making it affordable, lightweight, easy to set up and move, and very durable to withstand many years of worry-free use. Many companies today are just discovering the buying power of churches and how important they are to our economy, but at Quik Stage, we have been servicing churches of all denominations for years and have developed a reputation of providing exceptional customer service, quality products, and competitive prices. We value our church customers and work hard to maintain long-term relationships, and you will notice that the first time you call us. Whether your church is in a permanent facility or totally portable, our products will work for you.

Portable Churches: Quik Stage has supplied countless portable churches across the US and Canada with our quality staging products and accessories. Whether you're meeting in a school gym, YMCA, community center, warehouse, movie theater, or any other rented facility, we have a stage that will work for you. Even if you're meeting in a movie theater with a raked or angle floor, or you need to go over the top of the seats with your stage, that is just a standard stage for us and not custom. We offer many sizes of staging that will probably fit your application. Why not buy factory direct from a staging professional for the highest quality, factory direct pricing, and exceptional customer service?

Permanent Facility Churches: Even if your church has a built-in stage, we still can offer you many other staging products and related accessories. Our stages are perfect for drum risers, camera platforms, stage extensions, seating risers, and much more. We also sell many other items like pipe and drape, table linens, crowd control stanchions, ADA handicap ramps, trussing, and much more. Please visit our website and online store to view all our quality products.

Quik Stage is an approved vendor, sponsor, or supplier to numerous church planting organizations, including some that are listed below. Please let us know who you are affiliated with when you contact us to see if your organization qualifies for preferred resource benefits.

  • ARC – Association of Related Churches
  • Stadia

Church Planting Suppliers We Work With:

  • PCI – Portable Church Industries
  • Churches To Go
  • Force Technology Solutions
  • And others

We would love to add your organization to this list to be a good resource partner for your church or church planters.

One-Stop Shopping:

Churches come to Quik Stage looking for portable staging and end up buying trussing, stage and table skirting, linens, pipe and drape, crowd control stanchions, crank stands and lifts, ADA ramps, and much more. Although we are a portable staging manufacturer, we make or distribute many other items under the Quik Stage label that are used in churches everywhere. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in helping customers select the right backdrop, table skirt, or maybe even a truss system for hanging lights. Take a look at the other quality products we offer and let us package a group of products to save you even more:

  • Aluminum Trussing: All aluminum trussing in three sizes, including corner junctions and circle trusses.
  • Pipe and Drape: Pipe and drape is the perfect solution for backdrops, room dividers, or display booths. We offer many heights and sizes.
  • Portable Lifts: Quik Stage distributes Global Truss portable lifts. These lifts can be used to fly trussing, lights, or even backdrops, and are a safe and affordable solution for any church, portable or permanent.
  • Skirting and Table Linens: Quik Stage offers a complete line of stage and table skirting as well as table linens in a multitude of colors and fabrics; all manufactured under the Quik Stage label. We offer you exceptional customer service in selecting the right colors and fabrics for your application. Samples are available.
  • Trussing and Truss Bases: Quik Stage distributes Global Truss aluminum trussing and Quik Stage brand truss bases.
  • Truss Accessories: We offer many types of accessories for your trussing, including clamps, shelves, TV mounts, speaker mounts, spandex, and more.
  • Crowd Control Stanchions: Stanchion Express by Quik Stage is our private label of all our crowd control retractable belt, rope, and wall mount stanchions. In stock, ready to ship.
  • Private Label Linens: Looking for a perfect way to promote your church and add a professional look? How about a table skirt or throw cover with your church logo. You will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to have private label linens made just for you.
  • Skirting Clips: Quik Stage stocks a large quality of table skirting clips in many sizes. Our experienced staff can help you select the right clip for your table.
  • ADA Ramps: ADA regulations can be confusing, but we can help. If you are considering an ADA-compliant handicap ramp, a Quik Stage representative can help you figure out what you may or may not need.

Contact Information:

To get a price quote or to visit with a Quik Stage customer service representative, please call toll free 1-877-783-7373 or email You can also shop online, as many of our items are available.

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