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Pipe and Drape Drape Supports


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Quik Stage Pipe & Drape Drape Supports

Drape supports, or the curtain rods as most people refer to them, are the rods that connect to the uprights to hang your rod pocket drapes. The most commonly used drape supports are adjustable and always your best value as it gives you flexibility to adjust the width of the support within its range. We offer six different sizes of adjustable drape supports and one fixed length drape support that is 10' long.

All drape supports come with hook ends that are designed to quickly slide into the slots on your drape supports. That’s all you need to do to attach them to the uprights. No tools or loose parts required.

Drape supports are all aluminum and are manufactured from high quality 6063-T-6 aluminum tubing and are produced to an exact specification and hardened to yield a Webster rating of 14. Uprights feature an extra heavy duty 0.65 wall thickness and each upright is inspected for fit and function. Each drape support is finished with a clear anodize process to protect your drapes from damage.

Note: Replacement Parts are available for all pipe and drape components to replace or repair lost or damaged pipe and drape components.

Drape Supports
Item # Specifications Weight
B400 3ft to 5ft Telescoping Drape Support with Button Stops @ 4ft & 5ft 2.2 lbs
B401 4ft to 7ft Telescoping Drape Support with Button Stops @ 5ft & 7ft 2.8 lbs
B402 6ft to 10ft Telescoping Drape Support with Button Stops @ 8ft & 10ft 4.0 lbs
B403 7ft to 12ft Telescoping Drape Support with Button Stops @ 8ft, 10ft & 12ft 4.6 lbs
B404 8ft to 14ft Telescoping Drape Support with Button Stops @ 10ft, 12ft & 14ft 5.0 lbs
B405 10ft to 18ft Telescoping Drape Support No Button Stops 6.5 lbs
B406 10ft Fixed Drape Support 4.0 lbs


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