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​Portable Staging for Outdoor Church Services

​Portable Staging for Outdoor Church Services

Posted by QS Staff on Oct 2nd 2020

The Covid 19 virus has changed the way we do business for all of us including churches.  The reality is that going to church most often meant you went to a facility and congregated with your friends, neighbors and fellow church members and it was part of the celebration to be there in person.  Although many churches have been streaming there services long before Covid hit, people still preferred to go to the actual church facility to attend services. Churches are no different than any other business where having people in your facility was part of how they operated so they too are  scrambling to find ways to get there members to come back to worship in person and have turned to outdoor services.  Quik Stage Weather Resistant portable staging offers churches the opportunity to move there complete services outdoors on the front lawn, playground, parking lot or any other open space they have that can hold there members.  Portable staging can be used as a preaching platform, portable alter, for the band, choir, camera platform, drum riser or anything else that needs to be elevated above the congregation. Not only is it quick and easy to set up, its affordable. Our weather resistant portable stage decks look just like any of our other standard polyvinyl stage decks and can be used indoors and out when there ready to move services back indoors. Churches across the US have turned to Quik Stage weather resistant portable stage decks this summer to help in person services get started. If you are a church and want to explore moving outdoors, please call or e-mail us at Quik Stage and talk to one of our sales professionals for assistance.  Quik Stage has sold our portable staging products to hundreds of churches across the US and Canada and are here to help you. Buy factory direct and save.  We have staging in stock ready for quick shipping.  Made in the USA.  Buy American quality and help keep America working.