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Quik Stage Award Platforms - Just Like the Olympics

Quik Stage Award Platforms - Just Like the Olympics

Posted by Quik Stage Staff on Aug 11th 2021

After almost 30 years as a portable staging manufacturer, when I meet someone new and they ask what I do and I say, "we manufacture portable staging", I always get the same question, who buys staging and is that a good business. They have no clue what it is. I still respond with the same answer, "who doesn't buy it?" You would think after 30 years, I would have seen about every application possible for our staging, but there is always someone calling with a new application and we usually can make it for them. 

Portable staging can be used for any application where you need to elevate people or even products safely and if you look at the photo attached to this blog, this is yet another great example of a unique application for our quality staging. The Coon Rapids Swim Club approached us and asked if it was possible to make 8 award platforms all at different heights connected to each other and it was easy to do, using our standard weather resistant portable stage decks. Enclosed swimming pools offer a lot of challenges with high humidity, moisture and chlorine but after 7 years, our quality stage decks are still working well and look great. Please reach out to us if you have some other unique application and we can do a quick price quote for you. Remember, we are the factory and sell factory direct with no dealer mark ups so buy direct and save especially during these times of high material costs.