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Plexiglas Stage


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Plexiglas Stage


If you’re looking for a cost effective way to change the look of your portable stage or risers, then consider Quik Stage Clear-Top Plexiglas Portable Stages. The Plexiglas stage decks are available in several sizes up to a 4' x 4' including an angle and curved option. Quik Stage Plexiglas Stages are manufactured with the same high quality all-aluminum frame as our standard portable staging and features a ¾" thick clear top deck surface with a frosted bottom for light diffusion.

The plexiglas deck surface is safely secured into the frame for added strength and safety. All Quik Stage portable stage frames feature a total bolt-through construction, so any component, including the deck surface, can be replaced by the user in minutes in the unlikely event of damage. Plexiglas portable stages are perfect for DJs, churches, drum, camera, and keyboard risers, or any other application. Just add your LED lighting, and you will add a whole new look to your stage or facility. Take a closer look at the additional details and specifications below to see if Quik Stage Plexiglas Stages could be a perfect addition to your facility.

Description and Specifications:

  • Plexiglas is almost twice as heavy as our standard polyvinyl and carpet deck surfaces. Just keep this in mind if weight and handling is an issue for you.
  • We only offer a clear Plexiglas surface. We no longer offer the clear and frost surface due to availability.
  • We offer several sizes of Plexiglas stage decks with a 4 x 4 being the largest because of weight. A 4 x 4 plexiglas deck weighs 92 pounds without legs.
  • Plexiglas is very strong, especially at ¾" thick so you can use with confidence.
  • Plexiglas surfaces will scratch with use over time so you can expect your surface will get scratches. This is not a warranty item. You should always handle plexiglas stage decks with care just like any other plexiglas product you purchase.
  • We bolt our Plexiglas surface to the frame so you will see the stainless screws on the surface. They are small and sit perfectly flush with the deck surface and the stage still looks great. Just no way around it if you want to have a safe and secure stage deck so we have to bolt them in.
  • Many customers who buy these plexiglas decks use them as drum risers, guitar risers, keyboard risers and many other applications where you want to accent your stage with LED lighting.
  • Plexiglas as a product is more expensive for us to purchase than standard polyvinyl or carpet surface so it does have a higher price point but still is very affordable and a great value for what they offer you.
  • Please contact us with any question or concerns about Plexiglas stage decks. Our friendly sales professionals are here to help. This item is also available in our online store and you can click the shop on line link above.

Please call us toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or email for pricing or additional information.

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