Portable Stage Guardrails and Chair Stops


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Portable Stage Guardrails and Chair Stops

Quik Stage Guardrails are designed to fit our portable stages and offer you added safety at an affordable price. They are easy to install, and every stage we manufacture has the mounting holes pre-drilled into the frame, so even if you already own our portable stages, our guardrails will fit. Guardrails are normally used on stages over 30" high and are also for multilevel seating risers. Please check your local codes to see if guardrails are required at your particular height of stage, as all city and states have different regulations. Guardrails can be installed on any side of our stage decks. Our guardrails do not fit any other brand of portable staging.

We manufacture standard guardrails, meaning they are 42" high and have 3 cross rails. One rail at 42" high, one mid-rail, and one bottom rail called a chair stop. All rails run horizontally and are made from 1 x 2 aluminum. We do not manufacture UBC guardrails that have a rail or spoke every 4". Our guardrails have either two or three each steel upright posts that attach to both the stage and the legs for added strength. They will meet the 200 pound side load requirement. 4 foot guardrails and smaller use two each upright posts and 5 foot guardrails, and longer ones all use 3 upright posts including a center post. All parts are powder coated black, and the rail ends and upright posts have plastic end caps for a nice finished look.

Our guardrails are designed to be bolted to the frame in the pre-drilled holes, and they can be installed very quickly. The 2 connecting bolts secure the guardrail in place with a 2" T-Knob. Guardrails can be shipped assembled or unassembled if you want to save money. Assembly is quick and easy using 9 each nuts and bolts. We have easy to follow instructions, plus a how-to video if you need help. We offer the following sizes, and all parts are in stock for quick delivery. We also offer a guardrail storage cart for compact storage and ease of moving.

Available Guardrail Sizes

Chair Stops

Chair stops are 1 x 2 aluminum tubes that are designed to be installed on the side of our Quik Stage portable stage decks. They are easy to install, and every stage we manufacture has the mounting holes pre-drilled into the frame, so even if you already own our portable stages, our chair stops will fit. Chair stops are most commonly used on seating or multilevel risers where chairs are used, and they prevent the legs from sliding off the stage or riser. For example, if you are making a 4-level seating riser with guardrails on the back row, you would use chair stops on the back of the first 3 rows only. The guardrails on the back row already have them built in, so they're already in place. You can also use them on the sides of your risers if you’re not using guardrails there. Chair stops are also used on portable stages if you want to keep chairs or gear from rolling off, for toe rails, and many other applications.

Chair stops are powder coated black and have plastic cap ends for a nice finished look. They have 2 each 1" x 4" tabs and attach to the stage with 2 bolts in a minute or less.

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