Spandex Truss Covers


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Spandex Truss Covers

Add a whole new look to your 12" box trussing by adding spandex stretch shape truss covers or truss socks to your truss or truss totems. Available in multiple sizes in either white or black and two different styles. The most popular style is "Pull Over" which means you stretch and pull the fabric over the top of your truss and it conforms to the truss. The second style is called "Hook and Loop" which has a strip of loop side Velcro on one side and another strip of hook side Velcro on the opposite side. This style although a little harder to install, will allow you to run cords through or go around clamps and gives you more flexibility. Spandex truss covers are used most often on truss totems along with LED lights to give your stage a whole new dimension at an affordable price.


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