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Made in Minnesota - Made in the USA


Made in Minnesota          Made in the USA


Buy American, Buy Quality!

Made in Minnesota - Made in the USA

Quik Stage, Inc. is a Minnesota, USA based company and all our portable staging products are manufactured right here in Blaine, Minnesota by our highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. Additionally, many of the other products that we sell or distribute are also made in Minnesota or are USA made goods. As you are browsing though our product pages or online store, you will notice many pages that bear the logo "Made in Minnesota" or "Made in USA" as we have clearly identified any products that are MN or US made, so you can buy with confidence. It is always our goal to provide you with the highest quality products at a fair price, plus we give you exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale.

In today’s competitive world, it seems that it's a race to the bottom as to who can offer the lowest price with free shipping just to get your business, but unfortunately, along with that low price usually comes low quality and virtually no customer service if and when you have a problem. At Quik Stage, we don’t think you should have to settle for second best, and here is why.

  • Minnesota is known worldwide for its high quality craftsmen and work ethic. We are proud of the products we produce here and the people who make them.
  • Minnesota has a diverse culture with a rich tradition of people who love our state. That is why we stay here as it’s a great place to live, raise families, and run a business. Minnesota pride, Minnesota quality.
  • We take pride in the products we manufacture, and it shows in the high quality products you receive on every order.
  • We have long term employees who specialize in making our high quality portable staging.
  • We source only the highest quality components possible to use in our manufacturing process. Quality starts with quality materials to make a product.
  • All our portable stage aluminum parts are extruded right here in MN out of the highest quality raw aluminum available.
  • We use only Pacific Northwest, USA plywood in our most popular deck surface, Polyvinyl.
  • Buying imported does not always mean lower prices. We sell factory direct with no dealer markups, so we can offer you a high quality product at a very competitive price; plus, we can ship it quickly. We can also offer you exceptional customer service from our Minnesota/USA based team members who will always answer the phone when you call. Hey, we're human; we make mistakes just like everyone else, but if we do, we're here to help you in the unlikely event you ever have an issue.
  • Need it quick? We can ship quickly as we stock a large inventory of portable staging plus other products.
  • We sell or distribute many items that we do not manufacture, but many of those items come from US based vendors who we have long term relationships with, and these products are made to our exact specifications for quality and craftsmanship. All these items will be clearly marked with the "Made in USA" logo.
  • Ease of use. Our staging products are the lightest yet strongest portable stage in their class. Quick and easy to set up, lightweight to handle, and no loose parts or clips to lose or break. The only tool you'll need is a T-Handle — that we provide at no charge — to lock your decks together.
  • Attention to detail. When you place an order with us, you will be amazed at the attention to detail we give every order; right down to how your new stage is wrapped and packed. No one wants to receive a damaged stage, and it starts with how it’s packed before it's shipped.
  • Did I mention our products are competitively priced?! Just give us the opportunity to give you a no obligation price quote and show you that you can buy American and still get the quality and fair price you’re looking for.
  • Our portable staging products will hold their value if you ever need to resell them, plus they will last you for many years if properly taken care of. A perfect example of this...just try to find a used Quik Stage portable stage for sale online. They're hard to find, as our customers just keep them, because they love them, and they are built to last.

We know you have many options when it comes to buying your new portable stage or staging products. You probably found us by searching on Google or your favorite search engine, so we know you have options. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to show you what we can offer you for your hard-earned money before you buy. And yes, we can compete with any imported stage you find online, and we can probably ship it quicker and easier.

Buy Minnesota Quality, Buy American!

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