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Supply Chain and High Demand for our Portable Staging

Supply Chain and High Demand for our Portable Staging

Posted by Quik Stage Staff on Aug 12th 2021

They say if you live long enough, you will see everything once and being a portable staging manufacture during COVID has certainly been a challenge but we have weathered the storm and business is booming.  As more and more churches, schools, government, DJ's and other special events come back online, the demand for our made in America, high quality, portable staging and accessories is at an all time high. While many companies struggle to find raw materials to manufacture, we planned ahead and filled our warehouse to the brim with parts and supplies to meet the demand so we are able to ship stages on a daily basis when many of our competitors can't. Although raw material prices continue to rise, we are still very competitive because of our ability to buy in large quantities and our vendor relationships, plus we bought in advance. Made in Minnesota, USA, high quality, plus amazing customer service from our very knowledgeable staff. Buy factory direct with no dealer markups and probably quicker shipping than our competitors. Why not buy from a company you can trust and get American quality craftsmanship. Call or email today for a no obligation price quote.