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TV Mounts


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TV Mounts

Global Truss GT-Plasma-MT-12 TV mount for mounting your LCD or LED TV's to your trussing system. These are perfect for churches, DJ's, clubs, and any other application when you need to mount a TV to a truss for your production. This item is available in our online store by clicking the store link above. See additional details and specifications below.

Picture TV Mount

Global Truss TV mount for mounting your Flat Screen TV to a Truss.

Additional Information and Specifications:

Model GT-Plasma-MT-12

  • Model GT-Plasma-MT-12 TV mount designed to fit F33 and F34 or any other brand 290mm or 11 7/16" trussing.
  • Designed to fit 42" to 50" LCD or LED TV's.
  • 3.28 feet long aluminum single tube.
  • Includes 2 each heavy duty slim clamps and 2 each mini 360 clamps.
  • Does not include the bolts for the back of the TV as they vary per TV manufacturer.

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