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Spandex Table Covers


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Spandex Table Covers

Quik Stage budget value Spandex Table Covers are an affordable and convenient way to quickly cover your 6 and 8 foot rectangle tables and your 30" and 36" round cocktail tables. The Spandex cover is durable flame resistant, seamless, and gives off a tight, flat, and unique look compared to standard table covers. You can also up-light them with a small LED light for an even more glamorous look. Quick and easy to install by just pulling it over the top of the table and then under the legs to secure. Available in 2 colors, black or white and they are avail in our online store for purchase. Just click on the link above.


Description and Specifications:

  • Rectangular 6' and 8' style should fit most standard wishbone or straight style table legs. Fits table up to 30" high and 30" wide.
  • Round 30" and 36" round style works with tables that have 24" to 28" "X" style cocktail table base or feet. Fits tables up to 42" high. You can twist the cover to fit lower heights and plus a total new look.
  • Reinforced feet pockets secure the cover to table.
  • Four way stretch material.
  • Durable Flame Resistant – NFPA 701 & CA Small Scale.
  • For fabric care, machine washable and tumble in 120 degrees or less. Do NOT iron this fabric.
  • Available in 2 colors, black or white.
  • Weighs less than 1 lb each.
  • If you have concern about whether these will fit your table, please contact us before you purchase.

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