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Portable Stage Cross Braces and Quick Clamps


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Portable Stage Cross Braces and Quick Clamps

Only the Quik Stage Quick Clamps that are used with our cross braces are available in online store at this time. Please contact us directly for a price quote on the cross braces for your Quik Stage portable stage.


Quik Stage portable stage decks when used at leg heights of 40" and higher require some diagonal cross bases to help stabilize the stage for maximum safety and performance. Cross bracing also needs to be used in conjunction with Quik Stage 2 leg and 4 leg stage leg clamps. Leg clamps will keep the legs from spreading apart at higher heights and are a quick and affordable solution to also help stabilize your stage.

Our cross brace design uses ¾" aluminum square tube along with our aluminum Quik Stage quick clamps that allow you to quickly attach cross braces after the stage is set up. Our quick clamps are designed to fit our standard fixed height leg with an OD or outside dimension of 1.667". Because we recommend cross bracing based on each particular stage depending on the layout and height, we do not offer the cross brace tubes in our on line store so please contact your Quik Stage sales professional for assistance. The quick clamps themselves can be purchased in our on line store as they are universal and can be used on any stage that has stage legs or tube with a 1.667" OD our outside dimension. We offer a corner quick clamp and a straight quick clamp design.

Because our 4 x 8 stage decks use 6 legs each, we designed our cross braces in 4' long segments as it best suits our stage design and adds the most stability. This means if you're going down the 8' side of a portable stage deck for example, you would be using 2 each corner clamps and 1 each straight clamp along with 2 each 4' braces. We will assist you with the recommended amount of braces required to best stabilize your stage depending on the layout.

We recommend that you contact us directly for assistance with adding diagonal cross braces to your existing stage. One of our staging professionals can help you figure out what is required to make your stage safe and stable by using the correct components.

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