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Drum Risers with Casters


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Drum Risers with Casters

Quik Stage rolling drum riser packages with caster legs offer you an affordable and easy to move solution for your drum riser needs. Our factory direct professional quality drum risers use the same portable stage decks that we use for our portable stages so you have the same accessory options. Drum risers typically range in size from 6 x 6 to 8 x 8 and we have several ready to order drum riser packages available in our on line store for your review. We can also make drum risers in any other size with 4 different heights and 3 different surface options to fit your exact needs so just click on the get a price quote link above for a quick quote.

Our rolling drum risers use our caster legs in any of the 4 heights we offer. Caster legs are quick and easy to install and are very affordable. All caster legs are made with a 5" total lock swivel caster that screws into an aluminum stage leg with threaded insert for a secure fit. A rolling riser using only one stage deck will use only single casters and any riser using two or more stage decks may use a combination of single, double, triple or quad caster plates attached to the caster legs. We stock 4 standard heights of caster legs in the following sizes ready for quick shipping. The heights listed are the exact height of the riser with the caster legs installed.

  • 12" High Caster Legs
  • 16" High Caster Legs
  • 18" High Caster Legs
  • 24" High Caster Legs

The lowest height rolling drum riser we can make is 12" high because we have to allow for the 5" caster wheel, the caster hardware and the height of the actual stage deck riser of 3¾". We cannot get it any lower unless you have us bolt casters to the actual riser surface which means you are drilling 16 holes in your deck surface and they are permanently attached. Please contact us directly if you’re interested in this option for pricing.

We can also offer custom height rolling risers for an additional cost and any heights over 24" height will require cross bracing for added strength and stability when you are rolling the stage. Many customers choose to buy cross bracing at 24" high if they are rolling there stage for longer distances. Our rolling riser caster sets may also fit other brands of portable stage decks including SECOA. Please contact us directly if you have question or concerns about rolling at higher heights or other brands of staging.

We also offer adjustable legs that can be used on drum risers if you prefer multiple heights plus fixed height drum risers and those can be view in our other listings.

Are you looking for a drum riser with a completely different look than the standard rectangular designs? Check out our curved front risers that are sure to impress you and your audience and best of all, there standard stage decks for us so you’re not paying for a custom design. They too can be used with casters.

Our drum risers are very popular with both small and large bands, churches, arenas, schools and many other type facilities because of their high quality, professional appearance, ease of set up and most importantly, affordable price. There is a reason why we sell so many drum risers and it’s because they are a great value. See additional pictures below.

Description and Specifications ad More Information:

  • Are you looking for a fixed leg drum riser? We offer those in other listings under “Risers with Fixed Height Legs".
  • Our drum risers are made from our professional quality Quik Stage portable staging that is manufactured in MN, USA and is not imported. We sell factory direct with no middle man mark ups so you save more money.
  • Standard features include a Velcro strip indented into the frame for attaching skirting, coffin locks for connecting decks together, adjustable feet on the legs for fine leveling, all aluminum frames, ¾" deck surface and a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship so you can buy with confidence.
  • There are no loose pins or parts required to assemble our portable staging so you never have missing parts. Our design is simple and quick to set up and only uses a T-handle that we include to connect the decks together. Do not be fooled by those too good to be true cheap imported stage risers that need all those pins and loose parts to assemble. You get what you pay for when it comes to portable staging and why we offer the best value online.
  • Lightweight to handle, easy to set up and made to take the abuse of setting up and down for many years if properly taken care. These are perfect for portable churches or touring bands.
  • We also offer many other sizes and heights of drum, guitar and key board risers plus rolling risers. See our other listings for those other risers.
  • Questions? Please call or email us before you buy. Our friendly and knowledgeable staging experts are here to help. Click the link above to get a price quote or contact directly to speak to one of our staging professionals.

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