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Stage Legs, Leg Clamps and Leg Clips


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Stage Legs, Leg Clamps and Leg Clips

All Quik Stage portable stage decks are elevated or supported by either our standard fixed height aluminum stage legs or our adjustable multi height aluminum stage legs. Both style legs are manufactured from 1¼" schedule 40 aluminum pipe plus the adjustable legs have a smaller diameter pipe that fits inside the outer pipe for adjusting. 1¼" is the ID or inside dimension of the pipe and the OD or outside dimension that slides up in the stage leg socket is 1.667" in diameter. This is a standard size pipe that is used by many stage manufactures as it offers good support and strength at an affordable price. Both style legs come standard with a 2 inch adjustable screw foot for fine leveling. The foot pad is 2 1/8" in diameter and comes standard with a grey neoprene pad on the bottom so it will not mar or scratch any floor surface including gym floors.

All Quik Stage portable stage decks up to a 4 x 4 use 4 legs each and all other stage decks 4 x 5 and larger use 6 legs each for maximum strength and safety. Our most popular size portable stage deck is a 4 x 8 and they too use 6 legs per stage deck. Our stage legs may also fit other brands of portable stages including SECOA. Please contact us directly for assistance for legs for any other brand staging. We can also cut custom height legs for your exact application for an additional cutting fee. All our stage legs are in stock for quick shipping.

Standard Fixed Height Legs with 2" Adjustable Screw Foot


We stock 11 different sizes of fixed height standard stage legs with 2" adjustable screw feet for fine leveling. Those sizes are:

6", 8", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 32", 36", 40", and 48" high.

Standard fixed height legs are the most popular style because most customers only need one height plus the 2" adjustable screw foot gives you all the adjustment needed if your floor is unlevel. They are also more affordable that adjustable legs as it uses less material and machining to manufacture.

Adjustable Height Legs with 2" Adjustable Screw Foot


Our adjustable height stage legs come with 2" adjustable feet for fine leveling. Legs adjust every 2 inches with a pin plus the screw foot for fine leveling. We stock the following sizes:

12" to 18"
16" to 24"
24" to 36"
36" to 48"

Adjustable stage legs are most often used in outdoor applications on unlevel terrain to quickly level your portable stage. They are also used indoor or on level surfaces and give you the flexibility of having multiple heights while owning one just set of legs. Adjustable legs include 2 parts, and outer and an inner leg plus a pin and R-Key for adjusting. The outer leg that fits inside your leg socket is made from the same exact size pipe as our standard fixed height legs which is 1.667 OD or outside diameter. The inner pipe is the pipe that slides up and down for adjusting and has holes every 2" plus a 2" screw foot for fine leveling.

Flexibility of Use:

For custom applications, you can use different height legs on one stage deck. An example would be if you were filling in an area where there was a set of steps in the way, one of the legs could be shorter and sit right on the step. We can cut the custom leg to your desired height or you can simply cut it with a hack or chop saw to fit if you are unsure of the exact height. Another example is, many portable churches are now renting theatres on Sundays for their services and the theatre floors are raked or sloped so when they add a stage up front, the stage is unlevel so an easy fix is using multiple height legs, adjustable legs or the 2" screw foot to level the stage with ease.

Ease of Use:

Installation of stage legs in a Quik Stage deck is as simple as sliding them in a corner or side leg socket and turning a T-Knob until it has a snug tight fit. The T-Knob is a 2" plastic knob so you are able to get a good tight fit to make sure the legs are secured in the leg sockets tightly. If you are using your portable stage for extended periods in one location, we recommend checking each T-knob and in the leg socket occasionally to make sure that T-Knob has not loosened-up during use.

To remove a leg, just loosen the T-knob in each leg socket and slide the leg out. When the legs are removed from the deck, the deck is only 3¾" thick, so it requires minimal storage space. Legs must be removed if you are using our storage carts.

Leg Storage Clips


We recommend purchasing our optional leg storage clips that allow you to store the stage legs under each deck for compact storage. These leg clips will keep your stage legs self contained to each stage deck and will also prevent misplacing legs if your mobile. They also help speed up set up time by having your legs conveniently located with easy access. Another benefit is if you purchase our stage deck storage carts, you can put the stage decks on the cart with the bottom side of the stage facing out and then you can install the stage legs quickly while still sitting on the cart.

Leg Clamps


Leg clamps are used on standard or adjustable legs to keep legs from spreading out at higher elevations and to add stability at higher elevations. They are also used to connect decks together when you are using multi-height legs, such as a seating riser where decks are at two or more levels. They are easy to install in minimal time and are inexpensive to purchase. The two leg clamp is used for two legs side-by-side and also for three legs when three decks meet in a corner. You would just use two separate clamps, one on top of each other for three legs. A four leg clamp is used for four legs and has a spacer in the middle to keep legs from compressing.

Because Quik Stage 4 x 8 decks use 6 legs, they are more stable that other manufacturers decks that use 4 legs so legs clamps are only recommended for heights of 32 inches high and above. If you are using any of our other portable stage decks that use 4 legs at higher elevations, your Quik Stage staging professional will recommend leg clamps per your application. Quik Stage leg clamps may also fit other brands of portable stages including SECOA.

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