Eye Wash Stations and Supplies


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Eye Wash Stations and Supplies

Stay OSHA compliant with our high quality low profile SAS 5134-00 - 9 gallon or SAS 5135-00 – 15 gallon emergency eye wash stations. Both stations offer the mandatory 15 minute flow rate. We offer both models in value packages which includes everything you need to stay OSHA compliant for 1 year and beyond with additional supplies. Its patented design features a fluid pressure system that provides a constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the entire 15 minute flushing period and will bring effective and immediate first aid eye relief to injured employees. The gravity fed technology holds 9 or 15 gallons of water and requires no plumbing or electricity, making it the ideal emergency solution for any work place, large or small, where plumbing is unavailable. Installs in minuets to any wall with the included wall bracket and screws. Even if you have no mechanical experience, you can quickly install this with any phillips head screwdriver.

Did you know that the lack of an emergency eyewash station is one of OSHA’s top violations that generates many citations? Why not protect your valued employees as required by law and help guard against personal injury claims by installing this high quality affordable eye station. See additional details and photo’s below.

You can also purchase each item in our value packages individually. All our safety supplies are available for purchase in our online store by clicking the link above.

Description and Specifications of Value Packages:

Additional Details for the SAS 5134-00 - 9 Gallon:

Additional Details for the SAS 5135-00 - 15 Gallon:

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