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SECOA Portable Stage Parts


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SECOA Portable Stage Parts

From the information we have received about SECOA, they are no longer manufacturing their portable stage decks and unable to supply replacement parts or accessories for current owners of their single-sided portable stage decks. Before they closed their Champlin, MN office, they were referring any inquiries for parts or accessories they received to us for assistance, so we put this page together to further assist you. Although SECOA and Quik Stage portable stage decks are a totally different product, there are a few Quik Stage parts that may be compatible. We had no affiliation with SECOA and are only offering our compatible parts as a convenience to owners of SECOA portable stage decks after receiving numerous referrals and inquiries for parts. Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive, and you should be able to find your answers here. If not, please contact us toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or email for further assistance.


Do Quik Stage Portable Stage Decks connect to SECOA's?

The answer is no, as we use a different coffin lock than they do, plus the lock locations in both our profiles are slightly different. This means you cannot just replace there locks with ours and have it magically connect.

If I wanted to buy Quik Stage Decks to connect to my existing SECOA decks, how could I do it?

As mentioned above, the coffin locks will not connect, so that is not an option. However, you could use C-Clamps purchased at any hardware store to connect them from the bottom side, connecting one deck to another. We know of many customers who have done this, and it works just fine. Another option is to use leg clamps, but the C-Clamps option makes a tighter fit between the 2 decks.

Are Quik Stage Decks the same thickness as SECOA Decks?

Yes, they are. Both stage decks are 3¾" thick, so if you put them side-by-side with the same height legs, the frames are the same thickness. Keep in mind we both use different stage extrusion profiles, so the frame or corner extrusions are not interchangeable. Both decks use a ¾" thick deck surface.

Will Quik Stage Legs work on my SECOA Decks?

Yes, they will. We both use 1¼" schedule 40 aluminum pipe with a foot insert and screw foot for fine leveling for our fixed height legs, and they will fit in your SECOA deck corners. It just so happens that our legs, when cut and with a screw foot installed, are almost an exact match in height, so customers who have been ordering our legs and mixing them in with their SECOA legs have experienced no issues. If, for some reason, there is a slight height difference when installed, just use your screw foot to fine level. As mentioned above, we both use two different corner extrusions, but our legs will fit in the SECOA corners. We stock and offer many standard or custom height legs.

Will Quik Stage T-Knob Bolts for the Corner Leg Sockets work in my SECOA DECKS?

No, they do not. Although we use a similar T-Knob with the 3/8-16" thread, our stud bolt is 2½" long, and SECOA decks require a longer model because of their corner design as compared to ours. You can purchase the model you need online, as it's a standard part, but we do not stock them. You also could just use a 3/8-16" hex head standard bolt if you were in a situation where you needed something right away.

Will Quik Stage Adjustable Legs work on SECOA Decks?

Yes. Exact same concept as the standard fixed height legs with an adjustable screw foot. We offer 4 different adjustable height legs options: 12" to 18", 16" to 24", 24" to 36", and 36" to 48".

Will Quik Stage Rolling Riser Caster Legs work on SECOA Decks?

Yes, as they use the same 1¼" leg material, and because we both have 3¾" thick decks, it is all close enough to work just fine. We offer caster legs in 4 height options: 12", 16", 18", and 24".

Will Quik Stage Feet Inserts and Screw Feet fit my SECOA Legs?

If you have 1¼" schedule 40 aluminum pipe for legs, and you should, then yes, they will work. If your existing foot inserts are 3/8-16 thread, then our feet will work with your inserts. We sell both parts if you need replacements.

Will Quik Stage Leg Clamps work on SECOA Decks?

Yes, they will. They are not an exact match, but they're close enough, and customers have been using them with no complaints.

We need New Tops for our SECOA Decks. Will Quik Stage Tops interchange?

We both use a ¾" deck surface, but the edge thickness of the frame is slightly different, so it's not a perfect fit. However, we could special order in polyvinyl deck surface panels for you and can produce carpet deck surface panels in our carpet colors. We cannot match up exactly to your existing color carpet, but we have one that is similar, or as an alternative, we offer black. Please contact us directly if you need replacement deck panels.

Do you sell SECOA Skirting Clips?

Unfortunately, they are no longer produced by the company that manufactured them, so to our knowledge, there are none available, unless you can find them used somewhere. We also do not know of any other skirting clips that will fit the SECOA stage side profile. Quik Stage portable stage decks come standard with a strip of Velcro in the frame and do not use clips. The best option that we know of to attach skirting to a SECOA deck is to apply a ¾" strip of hook Velcro to the outer edge of the stage frame. You would not be able to attach it where the decks connect to each other, as it would interfere, so that means you will always want to use the same decks in the same locations once you have the Velcro applied. We offer ¾" Velcro with adhesive backer for quick attaching and sell it by the foot.

Do Quik Stage Guardrails attach to SECOA Decks?

No. We use a totally different concept to attach our guardrails to our stage decks, and they are not compatible.

Do Quik Stage Chair Stops work on SECOA Decks?

Perhaps with some modifications on your end. You may need to drill 2 holes to connect them.

Do Quik Stage Stair Units work with SECOA Decks?

Yes. We use a box type stair, which means it sits on the ground, so it should work. Our connecting brackets should work to connect to the SECOA Decks.

Do Quik Stage Deck Storage Carts work with SECOA Decks?

Yes, they will. We both have 3¾" thick decks, so they're an exact match for our carts.

Does Quik Stage Skirting work on SECOA Decks.

Yes, we can make any height and size in our available colors that you need. As mentioned above, we do not have any skirting clips available.

Will Quik Stage Diagonal Cross Braces work on my SECOA Decks?

Yes, we can produce cross-braces for use at higher leg heights to help stabilize your stage decks. Please contact us for further assistance.

About Us:

Quik Stage is a portable staging manufacturer based in Blaine MN. We manufacture high-quality portable staging products and accessories that are easy to set up, lightweight to handle, yet still rate at 175 PSF allowable live load. We sell factory direct and usually have portable staging in stock for quick shipping. We have been in business a long time, so you can buy with confidence that you will always be able to buy parts and accessories from us if ever needed. Our staff of staging professionals are very knowledgeable about staging and its applications and not just order-takers. We are known nationwide for above-average quality and service and receive many referrals from satisfied customers who have purchased from us. If you are looking to add to or replace your current SECOA deck inventory, please give us an opportunity to show you what we can offer you. No obligation; quotes are quick and easy to get.

We hope we have been able to answer your questions, and if not, please contact us toll at free 1-877-783-7373 or email for further assistance. Please note that although we have best described the items that we feel may be compatible with your SECOA decks, they were all manufactured for Quik Stage products and there are absolutely no guarantees that they will be compatible, so please ask any and all questions before you purchase. The fact that our decks have some standard parts that may or will work on both models is purely a coincidence.

Thank you for considering Quik Stage.

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