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Table Skirting Clips


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Table Skirting Clips

All of our available skirting clips are sold in packs of 100 each, and you can view and purchase them in our online store by clicking the link above. We do not split up clips into smaller quantities than 100 each.

Quik Stage offers plastic table clips to fit many tables manufactured today, including the plastic molded top tables that are now popular. We offer 2 different type of skirting clips: (1) The first type clip is made with hook side Velcro and is used with table or stage skirting that has the loop side Velcro sewn on the skirt. (2) The second type is the snap button clip and is used with skirting that has metal grommets instead of Velcro. Snap buttons are not commonly used anymore, but for those that do, we still offer snap button clips.

Do not order plastic skirting clips that are not designed for your table. If you try to stretch them beyond their intended size, they will either break or stretch out and that is not a warranty issue. We can easily see when a clip has been stretched beyond its designed height, as it leaves stretch marks in the plastic or they snap. Clips virtually never snap or break unless you are trying to put them on a table that it's not designed for, so just be careful.

Make sure you select the right clips for your table:

Please note there are many different types of plastic tables now being sold at many retailers, and unfortunately, some of the table manufacturers did not think to design them with standard table edges, so there might not be a clip available for your specific table. Please make sure that you measure your table edge carefully; then compare that dimension to the clips we do offer to be sure they will fit. If you have any doubt if it is the right clip for your table, please contact us directly before you purchase. We are very knowledgeable about skirting clips and can help.

Specific Size Clips:

We offer many clips that are made specifically for a certain table or for a table with a certain edge thickness or design, so check the clip description carefully.

Generic Clips:

We offer 3 different style generic table clips that were designed to fit many different tables, so if you have a table that one of our specific clips will not fit, these clips may work for you. These clips look like a J with a curl and are adjustable, but you need to have a flat surface, table edge, and bottom so the clip has something to hold on to. Our largest clip will fit up to a 3" table edge.

  • JS Clip: Fits ¾" to 1 ¼" table edge
  • JL Clip: Fits 1 ½" to 2 ¼" table edge
  • JX Clip: Fits 2 ½" to 3" table edge

Lifetime Tables:

Lifetime plastic tables are a very popular brand of table, as they are sold at Sam’s Club or Costco, so many people own them. In the old days, they had only one design called Duratable, and we had a specific clip for them called LV Clips. Unfortunately, they have changed their design several times and now, the only clip we offer that may fit your Lifetime table is the JL generic clip, but that is not guaranteed. Please view this video that shows 2 different Lifetime tables and clips to see if any of our clips will work for you:

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