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Transfold Choral Risers


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TransFold Choral Riser - Set Up   TransFold Choral Riser - Folded

Transfold Choral Risers

Quik Stage is an authorized factory distributor for TransFold Choral Risers and related accessories. TransFold Choral Risers are covered with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This quality product is designed to be set up in minutes with ease by one person and will save your facility time and money with minimal labor costs.

TransFold Choral Risers are ready to go wherever your choir performs. Built-in wheels make it easy to roll the TransFold unit from the classroom to the auditorium or up stairs and onto a bus or van. The units fold quickly, take up minimal storage space, and can be put in any corner or closet. Why purchase bulky, heavy choral risers that are difficult to set up with lots of loose parts when you can own affordable TransFold Choral Risers that will last you for years. TransFold’s exclusive gas-spring design allows the unit to open with moderate foot pressure, taking the strain out of set-up. This also insures a safe, controlled motion when folding the unit for transportation and storage.

3-step standard risers are available in 4' and 6' long sections with tapered ends that will form an arc or semi-circle when connecting multiple units. There is also an option for a 4th step add-on to add to your capacity or a reverse model that can be used by alternating with the standard tapered risers if you prefer a straight riser set-up instead of an arc.

Concerned about safety? Then consider purchasing optional back and side rails that connect quickly, adding to the overall safety of the risers. Please see the detailed listing of all models and pricing below.

TransFold Choral Riser Built-In Mobility Simple Unitized Design TransFold Choral Riser with Students

ModelDescriptionDimensionsWt Lbs
TransFold Choral Risers:
TFR72 72" TransFold Unit 72"W x 55"D x 24"H 167
TFA72 4th Step Add-On Step for TFR72 78"W x 32"H 59
TFSR72 72" Reverse Taper Unit 72"W x 55"D X 23"H 167
TFSA72 4th Step Add-On Unit for TFSR72 60"W x 18"D x 32"H 59
TFR48 48" TransFold Unit 48"W x 55"D x 24"H 137
TFA48 4th Step Add-On Unit for TFR48 54"W x 32"H 49
Back and Side Rails:
TFB72 Backrail for use with TFR72 70"W x 42"H 42
TFB48 Backrail for use with TFR48 46"W x 42"H 32
TFSB72 Backrail for use with TFSR72 Reverse Taper Unit 54"W x 42"H 37
TFB72-4 Backrail for use with TFA72 Add-On Step 70"W x 42"H 42
TFB48-4 Backrail for use with TFA48 Add-On Step 46"W x 42"H 32
TFSB72-4 Backrail for use with TFSA72 Add-On Step (Reverse Taper) 54"W x 42"H 37
TFS54 Side Rails (pair) for all TransFold Units 52"D x 55½"L 39


TransFold Riser Sets


Riser Dimensions and Capacities
Unit TypeDim Cap1 Section2 Sections3 Sections4 Sections5 Sections6 Sections
72" Wide 3 Levels W x D 6'0" x 4'8" 11'10" x 5'5" 17'5" x 6'1" 22'6" x 7'6" 27'0" x 8'9" 30'10" x 10'9"
Cap 12-16 24-32 26-48 48-64 60-80 72-96
78" Wide 4 Levels W x D 6'6" x 6'2" 12'10" x 7'0" 18'0" x 7'7" 24'5" x 9'2" 29'3" x 10'4" 33'5" x 12'4"
Cap 16-21 28-37 40-51 52-69 64-85 76-101
48" Wide 3 Levels W x D 4'0" x 4'8" 7'11" x 5'1" 11'7" x 5'5" 15'0" x 6'3" 18'0" x 6'11" 20'7" x 8'0"
Cap 8-12 16-24 24-36 32-48 40-60 48-72
54" Wide 4 Levels W x D 4'6" x 6'2" 8'11" x 6'8" 13'1" x 7'0" 16'11" x 7'10" 20'3" x 8'6" 23'2" x 9'8"
Cap 11-16 19-28 27-40 35-52 43-64 51-76
Capacities include a row of singers on the floor. The capacity numbers shown above reflect the number of high school students that will fit standing shoulder-to-shoulder, as well as the number that will fit if standing with shoulders overlapping.

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