Portable Stage Deck Storage Carts


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Portable Stage Deck Storage Carts

Quik Stage offers a convenient and cost effective way to store your portable stages with Quik Stage heavy duty Vertical storage carts. Although designed for Quik Stage stages, these carts are universal and may also be used with other stage manufacturers stages depending on the thickness or depth of your stage decks. Each cart has been designed to be loaded with ease and allows you to store a large amount of staging equipment in a small space. All our carts are manufactured from heavy duty steel and are powder coated black to give you years of quality service.

Carts come standard with 4 each 6" x 2" swivel casters with an option for locking swivel casters at an additional cost. The 6" x 2" heavy duty casters are made of polyurethane so they will not damage your floors. Using 6" casters allows you to roll carts with ease on most surfaces. Stage decks are held in place by adjustable brackets on top that are slotted so you can transport as few as 1 stage deck or as many as you cart will hold.

If you have a small space or need to move your stages through doors, a vertical storage cart is the perfect solution for storing or transporting your portable stages. Vertical storage carts allow you to store your stages on their edge so you can pass through a door way or hall with ease. We offer 6 different size carts designed to fit any size stage deck we manufacture. See details below.

For 4 x 4 Stage Decks:


For 4 x 8 Stage Decks:

6 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks.6 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks. 8 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks.8 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks. 10 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks.10 deck cart for 4 x 8 stage decks.


All 6 models of the vertical stage carts were designed so they can be shipped unassembled to save you shipping cost and minimal assembly is required. We ship the cart base with the casters already attached so all you have to do is install the 2 uprights, 1 cross piece and 4 top brackets. Anyone with minimal or no mechanical experience can assemble a cart in under 10 minutes with 2 each 9/16" inch wrenches or sockets. Complete easy to follow instructions are included plus we also have a how to video on our web site.

Each cart includes the following:

  • 1 cart base.
  • 4 each 6" x 2" casters. Already installed.
  • 2 uprights.
  • 1 cross member.
  • 4 adjustable top brackets.
  • 2 plastic threaded knobs for securing top brackets.
  • 6 bolts and locking nuts.
  • Assembly time is about 10 minutes per cart even if you are not mechanically inclined. Instructions are included.

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