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Quik Stage Portable Staging and Equipment Financing

Offered by

Patriot EquipmentFunding, LLC

13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste #151,
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Click Here for Questions on Financing

Does Quik Stage offer Financing?

We are often asked by our valued customers if we offer equipment financing for the products we manufacture or distribute, and the answer is yes, as we have partnered with Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC to offer their services directly to you. Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC specializes in equipment financing and leasing for businesses or churches nationwide, offering a fast and simple solution for companies acquiring new and used equipment.

Is it Easy to Apply?

Applying for credit has never been easier, and you are applying directly to the lender, Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC not Quik Stage, so you are assured the lowest possible rates that you qualify for. You will work directly with your Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC personal representative, Drew Kabo, and he will personally handle your application. Just click the "Apply for Financing" button above to access their quick and easy one page application, where you can enter your personal information, click send, and it will go directly to Drew Kabo for consideration. Easy to apply, safe, and secure, so why not see if you qualify. Loan minimums of at least $1,500.00 and above to apply.

Should I get a Price Quote before I Apply?

It is always helpful to know what something costs before you apply, so you know what amount of financing you might be looking for. Have us give you a quick price quote on the portable stage or other equipment we offer, so you know exactly what amount you may wish to finance. Just click "Get A Price Quote" or call us toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or email

Is Quik Stage Involved in My Credit Application Process?

The answer is no. Quik Stage is not a financial lender, you are dealing directly with Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC and we will never see any of your personal information or be involved in your credit application process. If you apply, we will only receive a notice from the lender telling us that you have applied for credit for possibly purchasing some of our products, and if you are approved, the lender will then contact us telling us to contact you to finalize the purchase. We will then begin the purchasing process with you directly and also provide the lender with any and all information required to finalize your purchase. By applying for credit using our "Apply for Financing" button, you are agreeing that we can provide the lender - upon request - your price quote and/or a detailed description of the items you wish to purchase from us.

We are a Church. Can We Apply?

Quik Stage works with many churches nationwide and in Canada, and one of the many reasons we choose to work with Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC is because they work directly with many types of businesses and churches. If you are a new or existing church or a church plant and looking for equipment financing, we encourage you to apply to see if you qualify.

Why Should I Consider Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC?

  • Direct Lender – You are Dealing Directly with the Lender, Not Quik Stage.
  • $1,500.00 Minimum Loans
  • 650+ Credit Scores and 2 years in Business to Qualify
  • Low Competitive Rates
  • New Business Programs for those with Less than 2 Years in Business
  • Titled Vehicle Financing
  • Fast Approvals
  • Approval to funding in less than 4 hours in many cases if you Qualify
  • Electronic Documents
  • 100% Pre-funding
  • Easy One Page Application Process
  • Financing for Churches and Church Plants

For additional information on equipment financing, please contact Drew Kabo at the contact information listed below.

Drew Kabo
Patriot Equipment Funding, LLC
(215) 327-8908