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Portable Stage Stair Units


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Portable Stage Stair Units

Quik Stage stair or step units are an affordable solution for safe and easy access to any of our Quik Stage stages, as well as many other brands. The box step design sits directly on the floor and is not supported by the stage itself, so it can be used in any location on a stage. Each of our stair unit models include 2 brackets that allow you to connect the stair to our stage from below in order to ensure that the stair is locked in place while in use (see photos below). These clamps have a universal bracket that may fit other models of staging in addition to Quik Stage portable stage decks. The stair units should always be connected to the stage for maximum safety. Contact us directly if you plan to use our stairs on other brands of staging so we can verify if it is compatible.

All our stair units have an 8" rise between the steps. When you are selecting the correct stair, you should select a stair unit that has the top step that is 8" lower than your stage, so you are stepping up 1 step onto the stage. If your stage is 16" high, you would select a 1-step stair unit. If your stage is 24" high, you would select a 2-step stair unit. If your stage is 32" high, you would select the 3-step stair unit, and if your stage is 40" high, select the 4-step stair unit. All four of our stair unit models are in stock for quick shipping.

We are often asked if our stair units with work at two different heights, and the answer is yes, but it is not a perfect match so we do not promote it that way. An example of this is if you had a 16" and a 24" high stage and you wanted to use the QSST2 2-step stair unit for both heights...the top step should be flush with the top of the stage at 16" high, and then you would step up 8" to the stage at 24" high. Because of the original design of our stairs, there is a slight difference in the height of the top step, so it sits a little lower than the stage and is not a perfect match. Another issue is the brackets that we use to connect the stair units to the stage will also interfere with the stage frame at the lower height and will not allow you to connect it to the stage. So for those two reasons, we do not recommend you try to use the stair units at two heights.

Each of the 4 different models come standard with removable handrails, and the 36" wide x 12" deep stair tread is surfaced with slip-resistant, gray polypropylene. The all-steel construction is finished in an attractive black powder coat finish for durability. Stair units clamp securely to any area of the stage frame with no tools. All units except the QSST1 1-step model come standard with 2 wheels for easy maneuvering, so no lifting is required. The reason the tread surface is grey rather than black is so it is more visible for people to see when in use, adding to its safety.

All 4 models can be used with or without handrails, but we strongly recommend using them at all times for maximum safety. You are responsible for and should be aware of any local or state codes requiring the use of handrails in your location. Handrails are easily installed and secured in place by a thumb screw, and no tools are required. In order to allow them to fit into the packing boxes, both the QSST3 and QSST4 require minor frame assembly. All stair units and handrails are shipped in a heavy-duty box for maximum protection during shipping. Only the QSST1 can be shipped FexEx or UPS, while the other 3 models must ship by truck freight. Detailed instructions are included in each shipping box.

Although we do offer 48" high stage legs for our stages, we do not offer a 5-step stair unit, as it is not a popular size for us and most of our stages are used at 40" high and below.


QSST1: 1-step stair unit with removable handrails. Works with stage heights of 16".
QSST2: 2-step stair unit with removable handrails. Works with stage heights of 24".
QSST3: 3-step stair unit with removable handrails. Works with stage heights of 32".
QSST4: 4-step stair unit with removable handrails. Works with stage heights of 40".

All 4 models are in stock for quick shipping and can be ordered with your stage or in Our Online Store.


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