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Weather Resistant Stage


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Weather Resistant - Not Waterproof

Quik Stage offers the perfect solution for those outdoor events where your stage may get wet for short periods of time.
Quik Stage Weather Resistant Decks.

Weather Resistant Stage

At first look, the weather resistant stage looks exactly like a standard polyvinyl quad ripple deck and you are right, it is the same stage except the WR stage deck has a polyvinyl back side plus the edges are sealed. Although the polyvinyl deck surface and polyvinyl backer will resist moisture, the exposed edges of the plywood that sit in the stage frame can easily absorb water if left out in the rain or inclement weather. To correct this problem, we have a process before it is assembled where we apply a special primer sealer to the edges on all four sides that is designed to bond with a second coat of liquid rubber that is added next. Once this dries and hardens, it provides a barrier to keep the majority of moisture from ever entering through the sides of the plywood, making it a weather resistant deck surface. We use the description "Weather Resistant" and not "Waterproof" because any component that has a wood content has the potential to absorb water over time.

The weather resistant stage was designed to be used in outdoor applications where rain showers may suddenly appear and rather than having to cover or disassemble your stage, the show can go on without fear of warping or delaminating. If properly used and cared for, this stage will provide you with years of quality outdoor service with no issues and in the unlikely event you ever have a top that is de-laminated, it is easily replaceable by you for a fraction of the cost of a new stage. Drop-in replacement panels are available from Quik Stage. Because the weather resistant stage is exactly the same as the standard stage, you can use them for indoor events and no one would ever notice the difference as the sealed edge sits down in the stage frame and goes unnoticed.

All Quik Stage portable stage decks have a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with the exception of the weather resistant panel which has a 1 year warranty. The rest of the stage frame and hardware still have the 3 year warranty. We do this because we just cannot control how an outdoor panel is used and if customers try to use it as a permanent installation instead of a portable stage. We have had very good success with this weather resistant panel since we introduced it in 2006 and you can buy it with confidence.

Need more information? Just call 1-877-783-7373 or email and one of our friendly staging professionals will assist you. Why not talk to a true staging professional who has years of experience manufacturing and selling portable staging. We welcome your questions and hope you will give us the opportunity to assist you. Buy factory direct and save!

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