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What COVID Shut Down. We're Back!

What COVID Shut Down. We're Back!

Posted by Quik Stage Staff on Mar 24th 2021

Check out this picture taken in late February of the Las Vegas strip all lit up and open for business from the 550 foot high sky wheel. Just another sign that life as we knew it is returning back to somewhat normal and businesses are reopening with people getting out more and enjoying life. At Quik Stage, after a very quiet January, February and March has totally turned around and we are busier than ever shipping our quality portable staging and accessories out every day. Schools are ordering portable stages and ADA handicap ramps at a record pace trying to get ready for graduations they never thought would never happen so yet another sign that things are opening back up. The good news, all of us at Quik Stage were well prepared for this increase in business and are able to meet the demand for every order plus quick shipping. We took the opportunity during the slow down to continue building inventory, keeping our employees working and getting ready for 2021 and the expected demand for our entertainment products. With supply chains tight and parts hard to get for many businesses, we ordered ahead, filling our factory warehouse and have more than enough parts and supplies on hand to ship any order quickly. If your a church, school, business, DJ, government facility or any other business that is ready to open and needs our products, please contact us for a quick no obligation price quote.  We look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2021 and wish everyone much success after a long and challanging 2020.