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Quik Stage Weather Resistant Portable Staging

Quik Stage Weather Resistant Portable Staging

Posted by Quik Stage Staff on Sep 11th 2020

When customers first call us looking for a price quote for a portable stage, the first thing we ask them is, what's your application and is this for indoor or outdoor use. Once we determine that it is going to be used outdoors, we then ask is if it will get wet and if it will, then we will quote our weather resistant stage decks which are designed to be outdoors in the elements and can get wet. Weather resistant is exactly that, it is meant to resist water on a temporary basis and not intended to be set up outside 365 days a years on a permanent basis. Nothing with wood in it is totally waterproof but our weather resistant staging has a long track record of success and most likely will not fail if used properly. If it rains during the show, no problem but once the show is over, they get taken down and stored indoors and are ready for the next event.

Quik Stage portable stage decks have an aluminum frame which will resist water and not rust. The deck surface is a 3/4" piece of outdoor plywood that has a black non skid polyvinyl deck surface, a smooth polyvinyl bottom surface and then we seal the edges of the plywood with a 2 coat process to seal them. We then drop the sealed panel into the aluminum frame and it becomes our weather resistant portable stage deck. 

You will pay a little more for a weather resistant stage deck but it will also give you the best return on your investment over time because it will last you for years if properly taken care of. Buying the right stage that is designed for the type application that it will be used for is the best decision you can make even it it costs you a little more up front. If you ever want to resell it, Quik Stage portable staging has a reputation of holding its value because of its quality and it is always in high demand.

So if your looking for a new portable stage, make sure you are upfront about the intended application so you buy the right products and you will be much happier in the long run because it will last, hold its value and give you the best return on your investment.  You should always look at your stage as a long term investment, a product that you will most likely own for years and a product that will keep working for you when you need it. That is why we always say, buy Quik Stage quality and buy American made products for your best value.

Quik Stage also sells staging accessories including stair units or steps, stage skirting, storage carts, chair stops, guardrails, pipe and drape back drops, trussing and crowd control stanchions. 

Buy factory direct and save.  Quik Stage portable staging and stage accessories are manufactured in Minnesota, USA.  Call or e-mail for a no obligation price quote today.