Winery Stage by Quik Stage

Winery Stage by Quik Stage

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Winery Stage by Quik Stage

Portable Staging and Accessories for Wineries:

With all the new wineries opening up across the US and Canada, we are receiving more and more inquiries from winery owners or managers about purchasing a new stage and stage accessories. Along with more wineries comes more competition, so wineries are always looking for creative ways and opportunities to attract wine lovers to their properties. Many wineries now offer live entertainment as well as weddings, corporate events, tours, harvest festivals, and many other special events to promote their wines and increase sales. Most wineries that offer entertainment started out small with a local band or a few musicians and rented a portable stage, but as business grew and they were having more special events, they quickly found out that renting a portable stage is expensive, plus you’re at the mercy of the rental companies for setting up and availability.

Buying vs. Renting:

Winery owners are no different than any other company or small business that hosts special events, as they are always looking at ways to cut overhead costs or shorten set-up times. Anyone who rents a certain product like a portable stage knows at some point, it just makes more economic sense to look at purchasing, and that is where Quik Stage comes in. When winery owners contact us, they usually tell us the same thing: "We are renting now and want to see what a stage actually costs, because we probably could have owned it already for what we pay in rental cost each week or month." They are usually amazed at what they don’t cost, and often end up buying one. And here is why...

Benefits of Owning:

Why Buy Quik Stage Portable Stage:

One-Stop Shopping:

Wineries come to Quik Stage looking for portable staging and end up buying Trussing, Truss Clamps and Table Skirting, and Accessories, Stage and Table Skirting, Table Linens, Pipe and Drape, Crowd Control Stanchions, ADA Ramps, and other items. Although we are a portable staging manufacturer, we make or distribute many other items under the Quik Stage label that are used in wineries everywhere. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in helping customers select the right backdrop, table skirt, or maybe even a truss system for hanging lights. Take a look at the other quality products we offer, and let us package a group of products to save you even more:

About Us:

Quik Stage, based in Blaine, MN, is a Portable Staging Manufacturer and distributor for numerous quality products, including Quik Stage Portable Staging and Accessories, Seating Risers, Drum Risers, Camera Platforms, Stage Skirting, Trussing, Crowd Control Stanchions, Pipe and Drape, Table Linens, Skirting Clips, ADA Handicap Ramps, and much more. Our extensive background in the staging and entertainment production industry allows us to offer you quality products with the knowledge and understanding of how they apply to your application. Whether you’re a winery, church, school, DJ, production company, rental, government, military, or any other facility that uses our type of products, we can help.

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